Do rainy days get you down? Grey days make you gloomy?

Did you know that there are benefits to heading to the office on those rainy days?  According to a study, worker productivity is actually higher on days when the sun is not shinning so brightly.

Apparently we are more focused on our work and tasks-at-hand then concentrating on the constant glances out the window every 5 minutes at the sunshine and daydreaming of soaking up the rays. 

Although we would rather be outside, here are a few benefits to those rainy days;

·      we tend to change our mind-set and accomplish almost everything on our to-do list

·      solve a few problems quicker, or answer all those e-mails that you have marked “later”

·      organize that cabinet that needed to be cleaned

·      de-clutter that space in your office that has been distracting you

Maybe these rainy, grey days are just what we need to help boost our productivity, maybe even get extra work done in advance, so on a beautiful day we may be able to slip out a little early?

What do you think?  How do you respond to those rainy-grey days?

By Carole Marinier, monthly blogger for Agilec


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