How do you feel at the end of an interview? What do you do at the end of an interview? Typically we thank the interviewers and bid a farewell, hoping they loved us and will give us a call and the job. We may ask some pertinent questions that demonstrates our enthusiasm for the job or clarification on the specific role. Yet, how do you feel about asking for the job at the end of your interview?

Is it too risky or pushy, or does it demonstrate a confidence in your skills, your role? Recently a client shared with me their approach that has worked for them (they are now employed) and I thought I would do my own research by asking employers what they think. Here are some common approaches to ask for the job at interview’s end, or the pros and cons of taking this risk.

How did I do?  If the interview went well and you made the call back list, the interviewer might be forthcoming and share with you an honest answer. Are you prepared for some positive or negative criticism? You may get the non-answer telling you that they will you call you back in a few weeks after reviewing all candidates.

How do you see my role benefiting your company? This may give you quality feedback on the company, who they are looking for to fill the role and specific qualifications that you can then reiterate with examples of your experience. If the employer uses ‘fine’ or something less exciting, you may not be a top choice or once again he/she is waiting to review all the candidates.

What are some of the approaches you have used in the past when closing an interview? Did you simply ask the interviewer when you can start work?

by Carole Marinier, Monthly Blogger for Agilec


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