How does a person inspire another?  At times people just need a little jolt of inspiration and enthusiasm to help them get through the day and this can inspire that person to do their best and perform at their peak with renewed focus and energy. It might be as simple as giving them hope, setting a goal with a reward for the struggles that they are facing.

Here are some examples that I have witnessed where people do their best to inspire others:

  • They care about others by asking questions and taking a genuine interest in that person and their current situation.
  • They encourage and support individuals going through tough times and inspire them to see the positive in themselves or the future.
  • They are vulnerable and willing to share their own successes and failures so that people can relate to them on a personal level. Their stories engage people’s imaginations and emotions.
  • They are good communicators by censoring how they react and speak to the individual who is requiring this boost in their lives. They listen actively by portraying patience and understanding.

By inspiring yourself you can inspire others around you.  You can be their advocate by showing them that you care about their personal well-being and recognizing their worth. Try to practice every day and you’ll be astonished at the inspiration that follows.

What are some other ways that you have inspired someone in your life?

by Carole Marinier | Monthly Blogger | Agilec


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