All of us possess a special or unique skill.  It can be something that you excel at or a talent that you enjoy doing and you are amazing at it.

Here is a question that can help you determine your value – why do people come to you when they require your assistance, knowing you will do an amazing job and the fact that you also enjoy helping people with this superpower of yours?

So if we take a moment and look at this perspective, career wise, what skill do you possess that is genuine, that emits enthusiasm in your daily work life? 

To help you find your superpower, here are some factors to consider:

  • Identify what is your best skill that you currently use at work that you do well. Could it be your listening capabilities, writing reports or problem-solving complicated math problems? Is it that you possess a jar of goodies on your desk that permits colleagues to come into your office to simply chat and share a treat? 
  • Highlight your passion. This will help you determine what skill gives you the most satisfaction and creates a sense of fulfillment.  If there is an event scheduled and your colleagues are busy with other pressing projects, and you enjoy attending events and public speaking, offer to participate in their place.  It might be fun!
  • Incorporate your strength into your everyday work life. This can be a small thing that you complete on a daily basis to help someone else struggling with their work or project. Sometimes it can be as small as adding an uplifting message on the community board in the lunchroom for everyone to read to help them get through their day.

Using your superpowers can help open new opportunities for you at work or make a positive difference in your office environment. 

What are some of your superpowers at work?

Carole Marinier | Monthly Blogger | Agilec


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