Where have I been? 

Hmm that is a question that could take up this entire blog and then some, but for the purpose of being brief, I will stick to employment.  To save everyone from reader boredom, let’s not start at the beginning but say that early on I learned a lot about professionalism, customer service, and gained the willingness to help.  My sales career took off in my twenties selling tradeshow exhibits.  My success came from helping people succeed with their shows, but my downfall came with the fear of rejection, or cold calling.  Rejection was tough for me to handle, and my skin was definitely not thick enough not to take things personally.  So off to the food industry I went.  It turned out that I had a knack for events and a drive to ensure people were well taken care of.  But still something was missing.  I still longed for that corporate world experience, and part of me wanted to redeem my past failures and to launch a successful career.

That chance finally came in the travel industry as a Business Development Manager.  One big hurdle came in this position: the phone.  The dreaded rejection getter, as I so eloquently ingrained in my mind.  I had no choice so I jumped in and just did it.  Yes the rejections came, but in that I learned that I wasn’t selling over the phone, I was asking for an appointment, providing information, and always being kind and courteous to my counterpart on the other end.  This nemesis became my friend and I was successful at gaining those appointments. 

Where am I now?

Probably one of the greatest places I’ve ever worked.   I found a gem.  Agilec is a place that taps into an individual’s potential and allows people to cultivate a rewarding career.  What am I doing in HR? I have no idea, but it definitely fits in to my passion for helping people.  I’m thrilled to be part of an amazing team and love coming in to work every day.  I even love Mondays! It goes to show that in employment, when you create an environment that nurtures cohesiveness and allows for a safe place to thrive, you will attract good people to help with the success of your company.

Where do I want to go? 

I know my journey isn’t over yet, and I still have lots to learn and lots to give.  I’ve always dreamt about a more leading role.  I constantly think about starting my own company, but I cherish my time with my family.  So I’m looking to keep doing my best and trying to help Agilec grow to become greater than it already is.  Let’s see where the future takes me and in the meantime I’m going to enjoy the ride.

Sabir Mufti | Blogger | Agilec


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