Sometimes, you can stare at your document, know that it needs more, and not know where to begin. The way it stands now, it just not an effective resume. Here are my steps to building on a resume and making it a great marketing tool to use in your search!

Re-work the content that currently exists by adding key words and descriptions
Good team member
Experienced and positive team member accustomed to working in high volume / high pressure environments

Joining statements to make content more impactful
Reliable and dependable
Willing to learn new skills
Positive and reliable team member with a willingness to learn and adapt to new processes in the workplace

Search job descriptions to get a better picture of what skills and abilities were used

Search job openings for keywords potential employers are using and are ultimately looking for in an applicant

Find the program/learning outcomes for re-training.
All Ministry approved certificate and diploma programs, whether through a career college, community college or university, have to provide a learner or potential learner the program/learning outcomes for the program of study. Many will have this available on their program websites or will make it available to you when requested. Just ask.

by Anna Bennett | Career Transition Specialist and Monthly Blogger | Agilec

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