A positive work environment equals a productive work team. Creating an engaging workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. Here is a practical lesson in emotional intelligence for work and how it can be achieved in simple steps:

Set silly goals that can be achieved

Small successes encourage big payoffs. Challenge yourself or your team to trashcan basketball – celebrate victory and success in the workplace.


Laughter cheers us up, decreases anxiety, and spreads like a good virus. Support laughter in the workplace!

Do something nice for someone else

Small acts of kindness (like holding a door open, making eye contact, and smiling) makes us feel better and fosters a better work environment. Take time to be nice.


Have you heard of being “hangry?” Make sure you and your staff eat at regular intervals. Research shows that hunger impacts our ability to tolerate stress, so … don’t forget to eat.

Learn to put your mood in perspective

Ask yourself, “Will this matter a year from now?”  Standing on the balcony of your life and looking down on what is happening is a good exercise on perspective, and can help you take a step back and cope with whatever is happening today.

Remember: When you and your employees feel good in the workplace, they are better able to meet performance expectations.

Agilec is here to help you by providing training that works for your organization, to ensure that your employees are performing and competent in their jobs. We help you to manage and ensure a productive and engaged workforce. For more information on our Team Development Training, click here.


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