As you dedicate time looking for the perfect position and making sure to modify your cover letter and resume to match each opportunity, are you tracking everything you are applying for?

Tracking your applications helps to document who, what, where, when, and how you applied to jobs. It allows you to build a network list, set goals, and stay on target.

Here are five reasons to track your job search:

Quick Access to Information

Have you ever applied to a job and three weeks later received a call and scrambled to remember what it was for? Having a job search log can help you gather your wits quickly and know exactly who, what, and why the individual is calling – so you can put your best foot forward.

Keeping on Track

A job search log is a great way to set goals and keep motivated to achieve them. You can look back and see how many jobs and for what positions you have applied for. This can also help you to see where you were successful and where you may need some improvements with your job search tools.

Organize your Contacts

Didn’t receive a call from your ideal employer? Don’t worry. You have a list of potential contacts to follow-up with, including adding to LinkedIn. Do some research to see who has recently updated their status at the company so you can get a better sense of the skill set they are looking for – and don’t forget to call about 30 days after the employer has hired. You never know, they may be regretting their decision – most new hires who fail at their job will do so in the first 90 days

Save Everything

Keep a copy of your job posting, your application package, and resume and cover letter. You wouldn’t want to receive a call a month after applying to a job and not know what you sent or the details to the position – this information will help better prepare for your interview too.


When you apply to a new company, look through your friend’s lists and contacts on social media (i.e. LinkedIn) and see if someone works, has worked, or knows someone who works there. You’ve probably heard the saying “it’s all about who you know” so utilize your social capital to receive a job recommendation, the inside scoop on the organization, and/or a direct connection to the hiring manager. Your professional contacts can make all the difference in helping you achieve your goals.

Have a limited professional network? Don’t worry – it’s not only who you know, but who you are about to know.
Check back for our upcoming blog about building a professional network!

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