• It is a showcase of your work samples that demonstrates the skills, knowledge, and qualities you have for the job.
  • A job portfolio also conveys the following soft skills: organization, attention to detail, creativity, and flexibility.


  1. Title Page – Includes your name and contact information
  2. Table of Contents – Clearly presents each section of your portfolio
  3. Resume and Cover Letter – Include multiple copies of your resume and a copy of your cover letter for reference
  4. Supporting Documents – These include your References page, Letter(s) of Recommendation, Certificates/Degrees, Certifications/Licenses, Transcripts, and/or Awards
  5. Work Samples – Examples are: reports, project summary, illustrations, writing samples, volunteer work, etc.


  • Use a 3 ring binder with sheet protectors for every page.
  • Organize each section using dividers and labels.
  • Use copies of your supporting documents, not the original.
  • Tailor all of the contents of your job portfolio toward the job.
  • There is plenty of room for creativity so make it your own!

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