Key to Employee Retention

Have you been noticing that your team isn’t performing to their potential? Are you struggling with a high amount of employee turnover?

Some companies have a variety of ways to boost their team morale by demonstrating trust in each individual, showing respect by listening to what their team members are saying, giving encouragement, valuing diversity within the organization, and rewarding good performance.

Here are a few other ways you can motivate your staff:

  1. Create a Clear Vision – Identify the organization’s mission and goals and make sure that everyone understands the rationale behind them and how they contribute toward achieving them. Clearly communicate departmental objectives and solicit input from your employees on what they can do to help.
  2. Training and Development – Investing in your staff is important – not only will it mean staying up-to-date in your industry, but your staff will be grateful for being able to develop their skills while working for your organization.
  3. Provide Staff with Support – Employees should be encouraged to ask for support and assistance. Asking for help should be considered a sign of strength. When an employee has a problem, ask them where they are having difficulties and how you can help.
  4. Respect Work-Life Balance – Give your team essential tools to control stress and technology while providing critical recharging strategies. More effective work means better communication, more teamwork, less stress, and more commitment.
  5. Regular Communication – Communicating with your staff should be high on your list of priorities. It’s important that you hold frequent chats to make sure they are getting on ok and aren’t confused about anything. Communicate on a daily basis if possible. Saying good morning and good night are simple tools that can open leaders up for approach.
  6. Positive Feedback – Let your team members know how much you value them on a regular basis. Sometimes just saying a quick thanks can show thoughtfulness and demonstrates recognition for when they go above and beyond their daily work schedules.
  7. Socialize with Team Members – Encourage socializing outside of work, whether it’s a company picnic or informal get-together. Spending time with fellow colleagues is an excellent way to build connections and increase productive working relationships.
  8. Setting Goals and Objectives – Allow team members participate actively in the goal-setting process. People tend to know their own capabilities and limitations. Have them outline what goal they would like to achieve and set a completion date.

The way your employees feel about their job and their workplace can determine how motivated they are. When teams are engaged they become invested in their work which in turn increases productivity and can be key to employee retention.



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