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  • May 31, 2024
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Muskoka Riverside Restaurant

Muskoka Riverside Restaurant is seeking talented and experienced Bartenders to join
our team. As a Bartender, you will be responsible for crafting creative cocktails,
providing exceptional customer service, and maintaining a lively and welcoming
atmosphere at our bar. This position offers an opportunity to showcase your mixology
skills, engage with guests, and earn competitive pay plus tips.
1. Mixology and Beverage Service:
● Create a variety of handcrafted cocktails, specialty drinks, and classic
favorites with precision and creativity, using premium spirits, fresh
ingredients, and innovative techniques.
● Provide recommendations to guests and offer guidance on drink
selections based on their preferences and taste preferences.
● Ensure accurate portioning, proper glassware, and attractive garnishes to
enhance the presentation of cocktails and beverages.
2. Customer Service:
● Welcome guests to the bar with a friendly and engaging demeanor,
providing personalized service and attentive hospitality.
● Take drink orders from guests, enter orders into the POS system, and
deliver beverages promptly, maintaining a high level of accuracy and
● Engage with guests in conversation, anticipate their needs, and respond to
inquiries and special requests in a courteous and timely manner.
3. Smart Serve Compliance:
● Possess a valid Smart Serve certification to serve alcohol responsibly and
adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.
● Verify the age of guests and refuse service to individuals who are
underage or intoxicated, following established protocols and guidelines.
4. Bar Maintenance and Organization:
● Maintain cleanliness and organization of the bar area, including bar tops,
back bar, and beverage storage areas, to ensure a clean and inviting
atmosphere for guests.
● Monitor and restock bar supplies, including liquor, mixers, garnishes, and
glassware, to support efficient service and minimize downtime.
● Perform routine maintenance tasks, such as cleaning equipment,
changing kegs, and disposing of waste, to uphold cleanliness and safety
5. Team Collaboration:
● Collaborate with kitchen staff, servers, and management to coordinate
drink orders, ensure seamless service, and enhance the overall guest
● Communicate effectively with team members and management to
address guest feedback, resolve issues, and support a positive work
● Minimum 1 year of experience as a Bartender in a high-volume restaurant or bar
● Strong knowledge of mixology principles, cocktail recipes, and beverage
preparation techniques.
● Smart Serve certification required for serving alcohol.
● Excellent customer service skills with a passion for hospitality and guest
● Flexibility to work evenings, weekends, and holidays as needed.
Pay Rate:
$18 – $20 per hour plus tips
Join our team at Muskoka Riverside Restaurant and elevate the bar experience with
your mixology expertise, passion for hospitality, and dedication to delivering exceptional
service to our guests.

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