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Human Resources

Contact us today to improve your efficiency tomorrow.

Attracting, engaging, and retaining employees is crucial to the success of any corporation, regardless of size. And if you wish to retain good employees, you must support them.

Create a supportive environment for your valued employees while protecting your company.

Our experienced team can customize and deliver a suite of Human Resource services for your business.

HR may seem daunting to you, but this is what we do.

Our Human Resource Services

We offer a range of services depending on your needs, from  providing materials and resources to becoming the HR team for your  organization. We can help you protect your employees, while also protecting yourself.

Customized Human Resource Material
  • Recruitment tools including prescreening, interview questions, scoring rubrics, and more
  • Employee engagement and support plan
  • Employee handbook with a focus on your company policies
  • Performance management process and implementation framework
Human Resource Services For Employers
  • Determine policies required by law for your business (e.g., Health and Safety, AODA, Privacy)
  • Determine additional policies required in relation to company-specific information
  • Assistance referencing/understanding important Acts  (e.g., Employment Standards Act (ESA), Income Tax Act, Employment Insurance (EI) Act, WSIB  Act)

Unsure of which service is right for you?

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