Our Customers
  • People and organizations developing their potential
  • Program funders and business partners
  • Community partners and other agencies
  • The community at large
Our Commitment
  • Put our customers first.
  • Provide timely, professional, flexible, friendly, and welcoming customer service.
  • Ensure it is easy to contact us.
  • Provide knowledgeable, well trained, easily identifiable staff.
  • Develop relationships of mutual trust and respect.
  • Affirm that everyone is unique, and embrace the rich diversity of our communities.
  • Provide services that comply with all privacy legislation.
  • Ensure everyone can access our services and that our locations are safe and healthy.
  • Answer customer questions. In cases where we do not have the answer we will help to obtain it.
  • Address concerns or complaints through our Complaint Resolution Process.
Our Customer Service Standards
  • Respond to messages, email, and any inquiries/concerns in one business day.
  • Respect our customers’ time by being on time. When delays happen, we will address the situation within five minutes.
Evaluation of our Performance
  • Ensure that all customers have a chance to give feedback on our services.
  • Keep track of our customer service performance and respond promptly to areas of concern.
Complaint Resolution Process

We offer our customers informal and formal ways to resolve a complaint.

Verbal/Informal Process

The goal of our informal process is to create understanding between all parties and find a solution quickly. We ask customers to bring any concerns to the attention of an Agilec team member immediately. The team member will try to find and carry out a workable solution, or pass the matter on to the right person or group.

If a solution is not reached in five working days, the written/formal process will be used.

Written/Formal Process

A customer may complain in writing at any time instead of using the verbal complaint process. Our Complaint Form is available here and at each Agilec location.

Our formal complaint process has these stages:

  • Stage One: Team Leader
  • Stage Two: Project Coordinator
  • Stage Three: CEO

If a solution is not reached in five business days, the complaint moves to the next stage.

The Vice President Quality Assurance is responsible for the formal complaint process, and action steps are recorded to ensure all parties understand and follow through.

Questions about our process can be directed to:

Vice President Quality Assurance
Phone: 800-361-4642
Email: vpqa@agilec.ca
Fax: 905-443-0483

Contacting Us

We ask our customers to help us improve our service by giving feedback in person, by phone, or in writing to any staff member.

To reach us online visit the contact page here on our website.

To speak to our Quality Assurance representative, contact:

Vice President of Quality Assurance
Phone: 800-361-4642
Email: vpqa@agilec.ca
Fax: 905-443-0483

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