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The Agilec offices recently participated in Team Health Day. It was a fun day saturated with laughter, teamwork, and vast activities that ranged from brain power, physical, fun and wellness, and community. Throughout the day, our values – Person-Centred, Inclusiveness, Empowering, Team, Excellence, and Integrity – were applied and influenced the way we carried out each of the team development activities.

One of the activities was under the ‘Brain Power’ category. The activity was to watch a TED talk on The Puzzle of Motivation by Dan Pink. In this TED talk, Pink differentiates between extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. This blog post will focus on intrinsic motivators, and how it guides Agilec’s mission to help people and organizations develop their potential.

Intrinsic motivators are the driving forces we have within ourselves. They are the invisible stimuli that prompt us to explore, learn, and develop our potential. Pink notes that businesses revolve around three elements of intrinsic motivation: Autonomy, mastery, and purpose. We are responsible for the direction we take, and the decisions we make. We have a desire to improve on the things we believe are purposeful. And we have to allow ourselves to find time to explore our interests, likes, and dislikes to understand our goals and objectives.

When autonomy, mastery, and purpose motivate us during our job search, the reward we receive in return is finding sustainable and satisfactory work.

At Agilec, our six core values and intrinsic motivation guides our approach to helping people and organizations. We assist you during the process of shifting from a restricted perspective to one that permits possibilities and growth.

Below is an acrostic poem by the Barrie and Innisfil team from our Team Health Day:


We are Agilec.


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